with Caroline Berry

"The spine lends itself quite readily for correction." J.H. Pilates

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Caroline Berry

Caroline Berry became interested in the Pilates method in 1998, learning with Jo Strutt at Bridgeham Clinic, and qualified with Body Control in 2002. She started teaching using Core Strength as her business name as it aptly describes the Pilates method - which Joseph Pilates originally called Contrology.


Caroline continues to teach group matwork and studio sessions at all levels, undergoing a wealth of Continuous Professional Development, and qualifying to teach on the Reformer (2005) and the Wunda chair (2008).


Caroline is also a Level 4 teacher on the Register of Exercise Professionals and holds a Level 4 qualification with Back4Good which specifically helps to rehabilitate clients with ongoing back issues.


Caroline continues her own training with Miranda Bass and Body Control Pilates, and is passionate about the Method.

The History of Pilates

Joseph Pilates (“Pil-art-ees”) was born in Germany in 1880. He was frail - asthmatic, with rickets and he had rheumatic fever as a child. In order to strengthen himself he studied various techniques, and from these developed his own method, which he called “Contrology”. This method creates strong toned muscles, improves posture and balance, promotes flexibility and can be integrated into a healthy way of life. The mind and body are trained to work together as a whole. The original method was mat based, and today is known as the Classic mat sequence.


During the First World War, Joseph Pilates was placed on The Isle of Man and began to develop his apparatus - a series of springs attached to hospital beds to rehabilitate injured soldiers. From these sprung beds he developed his studio apparatus: the reformer, wunda chair, cadillac and various small pieces such as the foot corrector! In 1926, Joseph Pilates immigrated to New York where he set up his first studio, training many dancers, singers, and others who heard about his amazing ability to 'fix' people.


In more recent years many models, actors and athletes from all disciplines have discovered the many benefits of Pilates.